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Marriages do not always end “happily ever after” and it is important to make sure that if you are going through a marriage breakdown, you have the right support in place.

Your friends and family are there to help you with emotional and practical support, but what about the future for you, and if children are involved, your family?

It is important to get correct legal advice right from the start, to help ease some of the heartache from what can often be a very painful experience.

David Lee Solicitors are here to help and advise and you will have peace of mind from the start, knowing that the solicitor in charge of your case at the beginning will be by your side  throughout the whole proceedings. Please call us today to discuss your case on 01926 852188 and to arrange your first FREE and confidential meeting at our offices in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

We have many years of experience working in Family Law. We are here to work on your behalf. We can offer you advice to protect your finances and also to ensure that your children are dealt with in a fair and just manner and that the correct amount of contact is awarded.

If you are married but want to formally end your relationship, then you will need to obtain an order from the County Court to divorce.

To obtain a divorce you must persuade the Court that there has been a complete breakdown in your marriage and that your marriage cannot continue. This is done by filling in a document called a Divorce Petition which gives the Court the details of what caused the breakdown in your marriage.

If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us today.