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Civil Partnership

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 was implemented on 29 March 2014. This new piece of law enables same sex couples to marry, according them the same legal rights as a married couple of opposite sex. 

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 remains in force, therefore enabling same sex couples to enter into a civil partnership, affording them the same legal rights as a married couple of opposite sex. There are however subtle differences between your legal rights under a Civil Partnership or a same sex marriage and a marriage between couples of opposite sex. This can have all sorts of implications for you in the eyes of the law, therefore it is important that these differences are explained to you in a professional and confidential manner.

Here at David Lee Solicitors David Lee will be able to assist you through the process. We are here to help and advise you, where you are planning a civil partnership, a same sex marriage or experience problems within your relationship. Please call in for a free confidential, no obligation chat and we can explain more how we can help you.

At David Lee Solicitors we are able to offer specialist, practical advice on a number of issues affecting same sex couples, including:-

1. Terminating a Civil Partnership

2. Divorce following a same sex marriage

3. Financial Settlement

4. Pensions. 

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